Our priority is to get our students back to doing what they love (DANCE!), and creating a safe and healthy environment for our dancers is paramount. It is important that we are a covid-safe studio, and have put the below measures in place to ensure our staff and students are enjoying their dancing in a safe environment. Please see below the policies and requirements we will have in place for Term 4 2020. They are based on the latest advice and government directives. As this is a progressive situation, we will continue to make adjustments, as it is deemed safe and appropriate to do so. We appreciate your understanding during this time.

 “Come in! DANCE! Then dance your way out the door!”

We are open strictly for dancing only! No hanging out in the student lounge, no sharing snacks with friends, no lounging in the hallways. Help us keep you safe, so we can keep you dancing!


  • Parents (of school aged children) are required to drop off and pick up their child at our front door without entering the premises, this enables us to control the number of persons in each space at any one time, and to ensure that maximum capacity/density limits set out by the government are adhered to.

  • Pre-school parents are exempt to the above point.  Each pre-school aged student is permitted 1 parent only, to bring them inside to their class, and assist them with toileting and changing shoes as required. Siblings are not permitted. These parents are required to exercise social distancing (1.5m) and adhere to the maximum persons in each area limit. These parents are also required to wash or sanitize their hands upon arrival. These parents must sign in and out, using the QR code reader.

  • Where parents need to come in and speak with reception, or collect uniform you may do so. We have a limit of 8 people inside the foyer area, please take note of this and kindly wait outside when necessary.

  • Parents must drop off their child within only 5-10minutes of their class start time, and collected within 5 minutes of their class finish time. Students are not permitted to be dropped off early, or picked up late.This will ensure that there are not children loitering inside the building unnecessarily.

  • Parents should wait outside the front door at class finishing time, and the teacher or member of staff will see students out the door to a parent.

  • Children will not be allowed to leave our front door without a member of our staff seeing or greeting their parent, UNLESS a parental consent waiver to allow students to leave has been signed, if this is the case, these students may walk to their parents car.

  • Parents must pick up their child for any breaks between classes that are longer than up to 1 hour. 

  • Parents are asked to exercise social distancing outside our building whilst dropping and collecting children. Please wait in cars until class appropriate pick-up or drop off time. Please follow the directions given on all signage out the front of the building.



  • Where possible, students should arrive in uniform, ready to dance. Dance shoes can be put on upon entering the building. 

  • Students should not arrive more than 5-10mins early for their dance class.

  • Please bring only your dance shoes in a small bag, and a drink bottle. 

  • Students are required to wash or sanitize their hands before and after each class.

  • We will encourage students to continue to practice social distancing in the studio (1.5 metres). The studios have social distancing markers in place. 

  • Students are directed to not touch their faces (nose, eyes, mouth) whilst at the studio.

  • Students are directed to avoid close contact with their peers, including high fives, hugs, handshakes etc

  • Students are asked to not share devices or food.

  • Students must be picked up for any breaks between classes that are longer than 1hour.

  • Bring a drink bottle to class.



  • All fees and payments are asked to be made online via your parent portal, or via direct transfer. We will only accept cash in a named, sealed envelope.

  • Uniform can be purchased online via our parent portal, and will be given straight to the student after an order is received.

  • Where parents do need to come in and speak with reception, or collect uniform, you may do so. We have a limit of 8 people inside the foyer area, please take note of this and kindly wait outside when necessary. All visitors must sign-in using our QR code check-in.

  • Meetings with the principal, and studio tours for new families can be made via appointment only, and will occur out of studio operating hours.

  • As always, we will have a member of staff manning the front desk and overseeing the running of the studio at all times, ensuring all covid-safe and hygiene measures are met, as well as seeing to the safe collection of all dancers at the end of their class. 



  • Students will be required to wash their hands upon arrival, and will sanitise their hands before and after every class.

  • Multiple sanitisation stations are available for use throughout our venue.

  • Students are not permitted to bring iPads, food or toys to share with other students.

  • Staff will wash/sanitise their hands before and after each class.

  • Staff will practice social distancing in the classroom (1.5 metres).  

  • Step in Time will maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. Our staff are regularly cleaning equipment, barres, benches, taps, door handles, common areas, remotes and more.

  • All staff have undertaken Infection Control Training in reference to Covid 19 via the Australian Government Department of Health.

  • We have social distancing markers in place in the studios and common areas.



  • Masks are currently optional inside our venue, however must be worn where social distancing cannot be maintained.



  • Any person who is showing cold or flu like symptoms is not permitted at the studio.

  • Any student that displays cold or flu symptoms inside the studio will be sent home. (If your child suffers hay fever and/or allergies – we will require a letter from you doctor stating this)

  • Any person who has been instructed to self-isolate is not permitted at the studio.


  • The studio will close, and the premises will be thoroughly cleaned, and health authorities will be consulted before re-opening.

  • Parents/Students will be contacted to raise awareness of the situation and to ensure that those affected can seek medical advice.

  • In the event of the need of a studio closure, credits or make up classes will be given.

  • In the event that a student is unable to attend due to illness or Covid 19 restrictions, make up classes will be available. 

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